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How it works


Compose content using library objects and combine them with your own images, sounds and video clips.


Easily edit, view, name, describe, copy,
delete and restore the videos you created with Moovly . 



Share your videos with team members, publish them to YouTube & Facebook
or download them for offline use.


Moovly solutions



Engage others with your animated stories, create cool e-cards and invitations or impress potential employers with an animated resume.

Personal solutions



Create professional explainer videos, video presentations, animated (whiteboard) videos to promote your product or service and much more.

Business solutions



Use animated video to teach
and learn new subjects, increase involvement and let students explore their creative side both in class and at home.

Education solutions

Any visual style for your video


What users say

"Moovly is very easy to use and has lots of possibilities. I love that I can upload my own pictures and music."

Anja, Journalist, the Netherlands

"Moovly is easy and understandable. Even for my pupils, with only minor computer knowledge, it was easy to make a video."

San, Teacher, the Netherlands


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